07 October 2008

Poor, neglected blog...

Sometimes you start things off with the best of intentions, and then reality gets chaotic. Welcome to my life.

I can't even count how many times I've looked at the link to this blog off my Ravelry account and said "I really need to update..." only to instead pick up some needles and yarn, and get completely lost and distracted. I think it's mostly the time of year, as it's turning quite nicely to fall around these parts, getting chilly, and of course, getting far too close for my comfort to the holidays, and I am not even close to being done with the gifts I'm making. I have many in various levels of completion (although nothing is more than half done at the moment! Meep!), and a few things I haven't even cast on yet. This doesn't exactly bode well for me, but hey, nothing like a little pressure, right?

Oh, wait. But it's almost November. Which means NaNoWriMo time. And a weekend trip to Vancouver for some hockey on my best friend's birthday. And going to hockey locally too. Plus I have a friend from Australia coming for a two-week visit, over Thanksgiving, which we're having at my house (currently expecting between 5-10 people), and I'll be doing 100% of the cooking, in my tiny kitchen. This is due in part to my mom just having surgery on her hand and not being able to do anything at all with it for nearly two months; so the entire holiday falls on my shoulders. Not that I mind, but... yeah, breathing time would rock. Sadly, I don't have any.

As I'm at work at the moment, I don't have access to my camera, thus no pictures of any current projects, or of anything else, but I'm working on a lot of things at once. A single-rib scarf for my dad. An entrelac scarf for my mom. A herringbone scarf for one of my roommates. A bag for another friend. A bunch of baby stuff for yet another friend's daughter, who is due at Christmas. Once my new shipment of yarn from KnitPicks arrives, I'll be casting on a hat, and dying some yarn so I can get to work on another bag for my other roommate. I also have perhaps 6-10 other projects I want to try and get done by the holidays. Hello, my name is "crazy person."

All of this adds up to why my poor blog has sat without any attention for a while, but in spite of this, I'm going to try and keep up more often. If nothing else, my fingers are itching to play with some photography sometime very soon.

20 July 2008

Yarn porn!

You'll have to forgive my pictures for being somewhat lousy, as the lighting in my room just wasn't very cooperative when I brought my new goodies home.

What did I buy? Let's see.

Blue and grey wool. Nice and soft.

All wools, the blue and purple are thin, almost rope-like, but still soft, and the green is a lovely, light texture.

This is my little present to myself, and I'm hoarding it. It's 100% baby llama. It's absolutely luscious. I want to buy lots and lots of it and roll around naked in it.

I haven't decided exactly what I'll do with these lovely new goodies, I have a lot of projects I want to do and I'm still debating what I'm going to do with what pieces. But I have time to figure that all out while I'm doing my not-driving part of the trip to San Diego, and while sitting in lines and panels at Comic-Con this weekend. Can't wait!

18 July 2008

First posts are usually the hardest

It's a good thing I'm familiar with blogging, or there might be some first-time jitters here. But this new bouncing baby blog is nowhere near my first, in fact I'm somewhat of a blog-whore. I should create a blog called that! But not today. One at a time.

So what's this blog? It's my "I'm creative! See?" blog. I'll post about knitting projects, photographs I've taken, bead work I've done, maybe a little writing or some about my cooking, but those have their own blogs as well. Occasionally some drawing or painting, although I haven't much of those these days. I'm looking at this as being my own little "stitch and bitch," only not just stitching, and hopefully not just bitching either!!

I have made myself a little list, for a yarn-buying extravaganza on my way home after work today, so I can stock up for my trip next week, large parts of which will be spent either in a car, or waiting in lines (heading to Comic-Con), so there will be tons of excuses to knit. And take pictures!

My work-day is almost over, and so I'm going to try and wrap up a few things before I go yarn shopping. I have a photo shoot this weekend that'll give me some extra money for Comic-Con, and we'll see what comes of that.